Music is 5:00-9:00


Oct  20: Tim Hinde


Oct  21:  Kerry Lee


Oct  27:  Lewis Mathis


Oct  28:  Jeffrey Ziehm


Nov 3:  Losing Lucky


Nov 4:  John Ford


Nov 10:  Lee Ann O'Rourk


Nov 11:  Jimmy Mundane


Nov 17:  Kristen Kuiper


Nov 18:  Jordan Antoine Wilson


Nov 24:  Lyn Payne Holland

After receiving a guitar for Christmas at the age of thirteen, Lyn Payne-Holland began to emulate the vocal and guitar styles of her favorite folk artists Joan Baez and James Taylor. Today, however, Lyn Payne-Holland has a style very much all her own.


Nov 25:  Roger Drawdy


Dec   1  Eden Park Band


Performing Pop, Rock and R&B Hits from the 70’s-90’s


Dec  2  Eden Park Band


Dec  8  Brian Franks & Chuck Brisbin


Dec  9  The Habit


Dec 15  Losing Lucky   


Dec 16  John Horan


Dec 22  Holly Spears


Dec 23  Johnny Delagrange  


Dec 29  Ben Walz


Dec 30  Jake Walz