Elk Creek Winery offers over 20 varieties of wines starting at $12.99 per bottle. We offer tastings starting at just $6 (includes 5 one ounce pours). We have 2 free winery tours each day.  In addition to our counter service cafe, we offer live entertainment and dinner specials on the weekends. (DUE to COVID 19 Tours and Dinner Specials have been suspended temporarily)


Nestled among the rolling hills of Kentucky, Elk Creek Vineyards was established in 2003, believing that the only way to make great wine is to intimately know what grows best on Kentucky soil, hand-select the finest grapes at harvest and limit production.


Our winery is a spectacular place for tastings, winemaking tours, weddings, concerts, and special events. Enjoy a glass of wine or a bottle of beer and savor items from our cafe. Relax next to our three-story stone hearth and enjoy true Southern hospitality.


Elk Creek Vineyards is Kentucky’s premier winery destination! Our tasting room presents more than 20 varietals of wine and our café menu features gourmet soups, salads, and sandwiches daily. We offer 2 free winery tours each day in addition to live music and dinner specials every Friday and Saturday. Located next to the winery and vineyards are 15 lodging rooms, meeting space, and a spa that makes us the perfect place for a wedding, corporate outing, reunion, or special event.


Did you know that Kentucky was the first state in the US to have a commercial winery before prohibition? It's true! When Elk Creek opened in 2006 there were only 4 small farm wineries in Kentucky; as of 2017 there are 70 Small Farm Wineries in our state! Elk Creek Vineyards is special because it was designed to be a winery that can rival many wineries located in the Napa Valley, which makes it Kentucky's Premier Winery Destination!


Elk Creek has 30 acres in vine and produced KY’s first Estate Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Sangiovese wines! We also grow Vidal Blanc, Cabernet Franc, Riesling, Chardonelle, Norton, and Chambourcin on the Estate.


We harvest about 3 tons of grapes per acre on average (1 ton of grapes yields 450 gallons or 2,225 bottles of wine).

We have 4 sizes of steel tanks and 3 types of oak barrels to age and ferment our wines.

We have one steel fermentor tank that holds 4640 gallons of wine = 25,000 BOTTLES

Others are 60 gallons, 120 gallons, 500 gallons and 1,200 gallons

Remember that 1 gallon = 5 BOTTLES


At Elk Creek we hand pick all our grapes! The red grapes are destemmed, crushed, and pumped in a tank with the skins for 2 or 3 weeks to give the red wine color. Since the tannins give the wine a dry sensation on the tongue and the tannins come from the seeds they are also given a few weeks in the tank before they are pressed. The white grapes are destemmed, crushed, then pressed. Our grapes are pressed with an air filled bladder then the skins, seeds and stems are composted.


Most of our white wines take 6-8 months from harvest to bottle, fruit wines (including concord) take about 3 months and they are all made in our stainless steel tanks. The red wines are aged in American or French Oak barrels and typically age between 18 and 28 months. We use medium toasted white oak barrels to age the wine allowing the surface to accept the wine and to expand and contract as needed for aging.


When our wine is ready to bottle we bring the tank into cold stabilization, the frost forms on the blanket and brings the tank between 26-32 degrees allowing the sediment to fall to the bottom. Then we pipe off the top for the clear wines and allow the tank to come back up to about 62 degrees. Our bottling machine is top of the line and can bottle 3.5 cases or 42 bottles of wine per minute!